"Los Salvajes rockabilly" is a trio from Argentina.

bAT-mARIO.................guitar / lead voice
Bloody Mary................double bass / chorus
Speedy Joaco...............stand-up drums / chorus

bAT-mARIO (lead voice and guitar) and Joe (stand-up drums) had played together some years before, and met again in order to build a new band which could capture the essence of old and primitive rock and roll. Then Little Jóse (double bass) joined in, and the trio was completed.

"Los Salvajes rockabilly" were four cats during some months because a saxophonist was added to the band, but he left at the end of 2004, thus the typical trio formation was definitely kept.

They recorded an album between 2004 and 2005 called: "Los Salvajes rockabilly Volume 1" with 12 songs (11 of their own and 1 version).

In the begining of 2006 there was a change of the double bass player.
Little Jóse left the band and Mr. Hyde took over his place, being this the band's formation nowadays.

In the middle of 2007, there were new changes of double bass (Bloody Mary replaces Mr. Hyde) and drums (Kid Nepo replaces Joe), and this is the actual trio formation.

Between March and July of 2009, "Los Salvajes rockabilly" recorded and edited their second album called: "Fuera de la ley", through the UMI discographic company.

In 2010 there was a new change of drummer, and entered Speedy Joaco in replacing to Kid Nepo.

The style is basically rockabilly, with some rhythmic additions from neighboring styles like rock and roll, blues, country, bop, hillbilly, etc., not forgetting ballads which are not only attractive, but also give a touch of variety to the show.

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